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Vintage Roller ™

Vintage Roller ™

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  • 🌿 Perfectly roll Tobacco, Zaza, etc
  • 🌿 Made from pure brass
  • 🌿 Vintage luxury
  • 🌿 Washable with water (Towel dry)
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Perfectly tight rolls every single time

Simply load in your Vintage Roller ™ give it a few twists, and just like that its ready to bake in the oven.

Broccoli rolling has never been more simple!


Super Easy To Clean

All you have to do is rinse it with water and dry it out with a paper towel. And you're good to go again!


No cheap plastic!

The Vintage Roller ™ is made from brass metal. Meaning it will not rust and will last years.

Brass Cigarette Rolling Machine

Vintage Luxury

Vintage Roller ™ is a luxurious and exquisite accessory that all brocolli lovers will love.

The Jaynewheel Roller has a luxurious and vintage-inspired design that will not go unnoticed.


No more sideburns

Experience the satisfaction of knowing that each brocolli you roll will burn evenly from start to finish.

Say farewell to those pesky sideburns that disrupt your enjoyment – this roller ensures a consistently smooth burn, allowing you to savor every moment.

Brass Cigarette Rolling Machine

Easy to Use as A B C

Just add the broccoli, roll thoroughly, add the paper, roll again, and you get a flawless nicely rolled broccoli each time!

Unlike hand-rolling, using Jaynewheel Roller allows you to enjoy amazing broccoli which is evenly distributed to ensure an excellent experience with each puff.


To Learn Everything About Vintage Roller™ Read Below


Introducing Vintage roller ™ – a statement of elegance and sophistication in the world of 'broccoli' rolling enthusiasts. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this extraordinary device represents a harmonious blend of vintage charm and modern convenience.

 Vintage roller™ is not just a product; it's a testament to your discerning taste. It's about elevating your smoking ritual to a higher level of sophistication. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or new to the world of rolling, Vintage roller™ ensures that every puff is a moment of pure pleasure.


🥦 Material: Crafted entirely from pure brass, this roller ensures not only a luxurious appearance but also exceptional longevity. The use of pure brass maintains its premium quality over time.


🥦 Size: With dimensions measuring 90mm by 26mm, the Vintage Roller ™ strikes the perfect balance between portability and usability. Its compact size makes it easy to carry with you while still offering ample space for rolling.


🥦 Suitable for 70mm Brocolis: Tailored specifically for 70mm broccolis, this roller ensures a seamless rolling experience. It accommodates standard-sized cigarettes, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a traditional smoke.

  What Is Included ?

  • 1 × Vintage Roller ™

Frequently Asked Questions  

1- How does Vintage roller ™ Work?

 Step 1: Load the Roller

Step 2: Add Broccoli 
Step 3: Close the Roller
Step 4: Roll Back and Forth
Step 5: Seal the already rolled Broccoli 
Step 6: Open and Unveil
Step 7: Enjoy your Broccoli 


2- Can beginners use Vintage roller ™ ?


Absolutely! Vintage roller ™ is designed with both beginners and experienced rollers in mind. Its intuitive design and easy-to-follow steps make it accessible for those new to hand-rolling Broccoli 


3. How does the roller ensure a well-formed Broccoli?


The roller's precision-engineered chambers and copper surface guide you in creating a tightly packed Broccoli. As you roll back and forth, the Broccoli is evenly distributed and compacted within the rolling paper, resulting in a consistent and satisfying Broccoli.


4- Is Vintage roller ™ easy to maintain?


Yes, the roller is easy to maintain. After each use, simply wipe it clean with the provided cloth to keep it looking pristine. Proper maintenance ensures that your roller continues to deliver both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • Rose M.

    "Holy crap. First of all I just wanted to say the customer service with this company is impeccable. I would give 10 stars if possible. This thing is an absolute game changer. Rolls super tight and they burn like cigarettes. Highly highly recommend them"

  • Alexia A.

    "Perfection! I have purchased different rolling machines over the years and this one is by far the highest quality and produces the best results. Elevates my entire smoking experience. Finally. Love it!"

  • Zoe B.

    "Very nice gadget. I like it so much. It feels heavy and quality crafted in hands. And most important, it works pretty well."

  • Michael B.

    "I use cannabis (medical marijuana) and needed something to help me roll it - this rolling machine has been a godsend. It reminds me of the vintage cigarette roller that my grandfather used to use. It's high-quality, weighty and made of solid brass. Rolling my own smokes has now become a pleasurable part of my nightly routine."


Buy The Vintage Roller ! 30 day money back guarantee

We're convinced that you'll love the Vintage Roller ™. But just in case you're not completely satisfied, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. Make your winter comfortable - on us.

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