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Solar Car Cooling Fan Powered Window Cooler For Interior Ventilation

Solar Car Cooling Fan Powered Window Cooler For Interior Ventilation

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We frequently have to park our car in the sun, which causes the interior temperature to rise dangerously high. By expelling the heat that is inside, TurbinxTM was creatively created to solve this heating issue.

It is an intelligent automobile ventilation fan that uses both batteries and solar energy when the sky is overcast. It doesn't need a technician to install it; it only takes a few minutes. The TurbinxTM design makes it simple to put it on any car's window so that the solar panel is on the outside and the dual fans are on the inside. Even after being parked for several hours or while driving, the heated air from the car is expelled, keeping the vehicle fresh and odour-free. The interior temperature of the automobile is also shown on a temperature indicator screen.

It simply maintains a cleaner, more pleasant environment inside your car by removing odors, pollutants, smoke, and harmful gases. It is lightweight and robust.


  • Dual Fans: To ventilate the heated and harmful air from within, it contains two high-efficiency fans. The left and right sides of the gadget each have fans. Each fan has a switch that may be used to turn it on or off.
  • Dual Power Mode: No external power source is needed. Under bright sunlight, the gadget powers up immediately in a matter of seconds. The outside of the device contains a solar panel that absorbs solar energy and operates the two fans. You may use batteries if there is no sunshine by pushing the Mode button.
  • Cost-effective and waterproof: Regular sun exposure may progressively deteriorate the inside of your car. Your interior is kept secure with TurbinxTM. Additionally, it keeps the inside at a regular temperature, which cuts down on the fuel use and operating time of the air conditioner. The entirety of its exterior is watertight.
  • Easy Setup and Use: It requires no wires, cords, or expert assistance and can be installed in a matter of minutes. It's as simple as rolling down your window, setting the solar fan on it, securing it with strips so there are no gaps, positioning the solar panel so it faces the sun, and then rolling the window back up. Additionally, you may cut the installation strips to fit your needs. TurbinxTM is simple to use thanks to its secure construction and simple button operation.
  • TurbinxTM is the best temperature display and universal design for all autos. Any window may have it put on it. It contains a built-in thermometer that measures the vehicle's interior temperature. In this manner, you may always know the precise temperature of your car.
  • Premium grade and Environmentally Friendly: It is composed of robust, high-grade ABS. It is also of premium quality. Because it is built to run on solar energy rather than gasoline or electricity, it is pollution-free. This fan makes the air conditioner run less, which reduces the amount of hazardous pollutants it produces, making it an environmentally beneficial device.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Built-in Battery Rechargeable Solar Car Cooler
  • 2 x Rubber sealing strip
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 2 x Ni-MH Battery


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