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Sponge Body Scrubber

Sponge Body Scrubber

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Easily and deeply exfoliate your skin, no need for body wash

The super-soft bath sponge is used toĀ clean stubborn horniness, dead skin, and stains.Ā Perfect for children's delicate skin, as well as for adults and seniors.

It is soft-touch and full of elasticity,Ā real painless exfoliation,Ā revealing healthy and radiantĀ skin.


  • Exfoliate Easily and Quickly:Ā Deeply exfoliating, removing dead skin and dirt,Ā no body wash is needed,Ā no chemicals,Ā no irritation or damage to the skin.Ā It is fully elastic and can deform freely, improving cleaning efficiency and effect.

  • Super Soft & Painless:Ā ItsĀ super soft and delicateĀ surface is quite suitableĀ for childrenā€™s delicate skin,Ā achieving real painless rubbing. Deeply clean the skin and restore healthy, beautiful skin.Ā Perfect for the whole family and for all skin types.

  • Clean & Hygienic & Reusable:Ā 3D sponge, which is soft when put into water, you can wring it out at will. Comes with a hanging rope forĀ easy drying, no mildew or bacteria breeding, and can beĀ reusedĀ indefinitely.


  • Item Type:Ā Clean

  • Material:Ā PVA

  • Color:Ā White, Gray, Blue, Pink

  • 1* Super Soft Exfoliating Bath Sponge
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